Weintek HMI

Industrial touch panels, PC panels and HMI devices

Weintek is one of the world's leading manufacturers of industrial touch panels. WEINTEK touch panels have drivers for the equipment of all leading manufacturers, including SIEMENS PLCs, which can be directly connected to the touch panel via the built-in MPI or Ethernet port. Programming software is completely free and with each panel delivery you get a CD with the latest version of the software.

At the end of 2017, UNO-LUX PROCESSING became an official distributor of WEINTEK equipment for the territory of Macedonia, Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina.




  • Over 250 drivers
  • Siemens Ethernet and MPI
  • IoT - MQTT
  • BACnet, KNX
  • Remote access
  • Client/Server HMI
  • Recipes, logs, trends
  • Panel PC 10" i 15"

Software and trainings


EasyBuilder PRO is a complete free software for programming HMI devices manufactured by Weintek. This software has an enormous graphic symbol base that can be embedded into the project. Additional components of this software are EasyDiagnoser - for diagnostics of HMI communication, EasyPrinter for sending data to a printer or a remote computer...
EasyAccess 2.0 is a service that allows remote access to an HMI device with an Ethernet port that is connected to a network with Internet access. The panel is simply registered on Weintek's server, and when using this service, a VPN tunnel is created to a remote HMI device, so there is no need for additional settings of network equipment. On each HMI, Weintek offers one month of promotional use of the EasyAccess service.
You can download the EasyAccess activation guide here.
The Pass-Through feature allows the user to use the HMI connection via "through" programmed PLC that is connected to the HMI either via a COM port or via an Ethernet port. In combination with EasyAccess, Pass-Through is a very powerful diagnostic tool.
You can download the list of supported PLCs here.
UNO-LUX PROCESSING organizes basic and advanced training for programming HMI devices for its customers. Contact us for more information.

iP Series - Basic Touch panels

The panels of this series are designed to create simple HMI applications. They offer 4.3 "to 10" models, with an Ethernet port (all models have serial ports).
The basic differences between the iP series and other series are given here.
Brochure for iP, iE, XE i mTV series You can download here.

iE Series - Advance Touch panels

The panels of this series are designed for more complex HMI applications and provide additional possibilities in terms of remote access, project protection, sending alarm e-mails ... 4.3 "to 10" models are available and all models have Ethernet port and serial ports.
Brochure for iP, iE, XE i mTV series You can download here.

XE Series

The XE Touch Panel series is equipped with an advanced Cortex A8 processor and more memory than the iE series models. These panels are designed for the most demanding HMI applications. There are models from 10 "to 15" and all models have Ethernet port and serial ports.
Brochure for iP, iE, XE i mTV series You can download here.

cMT Series - Client/Server HMI

The models of this series are a completely new approach to HMI technology. All devices have the ability to control using an Android, iOS or PC application cMT-Viewer. Models with and without screens are available, and models with a screen size of 7 ", 10" and 15 ". All models are programmed exactly the same as other series models.
Brochure for cMT series You can download here.